Why I founded Mind Brain Parenting...

By the time I became a mother of three (a singleton and a set of twins), I did not remember who I was anymore.

I struggled to find the just-in-time information and tailored support to help me transition into parenthood. The myriad of scripted info and unreliable opinions in blogs/FB groups/books were 10% helpful and 90% overwhelming. I was losing my old myself...my identity, sanity, and dignity. I had a hard time remembering who I was anymore pre-kids. That carefree bounce in my steps and the self-confidence of knowing the right answers were gone. I felt confused and overwhelmed juggling all the things I was supposed to do AND the things I had to do. I often wondered: is there a place where I can get the holistic support to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically sane?

Infiltrate the system. When it came time for my twins to go to school, I decided to get a job at their school to: 1) get free tuition for 3 at a private Montessori in CA, 2) learn about child development and education from experienced teachers, 3) get the scoop on how other parents are dealing with this parenting thing.

First, I helped to start up and run a Mandarin Immersion Montessori school. I also created an international camp that worked with education partners in China. Then, I worked at an educational research lab. Working with countless parents in different contexts, I noticed that parents everywhere, especially moms, were tapped out emotionally and financially.

From Huggies to Harvard. I gained admissions into the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus on developmental cognitive neuroscience. There, I had access to the best child development experts, psychologists, neuroscientists, counselors, researchers...list goes on.

    While at Harvard and MIT, I've had countless "ah ha" parenting moments when:

    My school IDs.jpg
    • I learned about the latest cognitive neuroscience research findings and interventions taught by Harvard Medical School professors
    • I observed and interacted with a number of traditional and progressive PK-12 schools
    • I participated in discussions with policy makers on where education is going
    • I talked to my Higher Ed friends on the trends of college admissions
    • I interviewed entrepreneurs and employers on what 21st century skills they valued
    • I debated the role of social media and how to best engage technology for our children
    • I learned about how children develop and learn, which entirely reshaped my approach as a parent

    I kept thinking: if only other parents knew...and they deserve to know this too!!

    I pitched the idea of "Parenting by Science" to close the gaps between what parents know vs. what researchers/educators know and was selected into the Venture Incubation Program at Harvard Innovation Labs.

    With the support of my colleagues at Harvard, I engaged a team of researchers and educators who are parents themselves, as well as board of advisors to support the diverse needs of parents.

    Smart and holistic parenting now. As a former executive coach in Silicon Valley and human capital consultant for Fortune 500 companies, my goal is to apply my experience in leadership development to my knowledge in child development and learning sciences.

    Whole parent, whole child, whole family. My goal to save you time and stress, so that you can authentically focus and ENJOY the most important things in life.

    Ready to take action TODAY? Get the 52 Essential Conversations game that I use to play with my children everyday.