Mind Brain Parenting is LIVE!


As a mom of three, I had this nagging feeling of "why can't it be easy for ALL parents to have the same amazing insights and mentorship I've worked so hard to gain access to?" Parenting is already hard enough, and this proverbial "village" is nowhere to be found this day in age. We are more connected to information thanks to social media, yet the amount of electronic garbage and landmines are piling up our mental space by the minute.

After overcoming my own insecurities and doubts, and with the encouragements of friends and mentors, I conceived Mind Brain Parenting to level the "parenting playing field" for parents from all walks of life.

I hope you will enjoy the information we have so far, and take part in driving what's to come. Recommend a parenting topic for a podcast discussion or blog post, or schedule a free 10 minute call with me to share your thoughts and questions. We are all in this parenting messiness together. I welcome your feedback.

I leave you with a "behind the scene" snapshot of me working for Mind Brain Parenting.