We have seen tremendous advances over the decades in the learning sciences, though these are often underutilized in education practice. These advances have provided new insights about how students learn to read, write and reason, what learning differences mean and require, how memory works, and what contributes to learner motivation.
— Rick Hess & Bror Saxberg, 2014

We were told things as children that we later find out to be untrue. Are we doing the same to our own children?

April 2018 Announcement:

Mind Brain Parenting is collaborating with Making Caring Common at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to design a series of lesson plans for teachers in Middle and High Schools across the nation!

“Myth Detectives” aims to use brain and learning science to uncover false belief systems related to gender stereotypes, learning differences, and perceptions of how students learn best. The lessons offer students a high-level understanding of how their brain functions. Hands-on activities are embedded in every lesson. The curriculum is designed to empower students through the spirit of playfulness to practice detecting and investigating false belief systems in their own lives.

Sign up here if you are interested in test driving the lesson plans at your school or home: