52 Essential Relationships


52 Essential Relationships


Builds Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and communications skills WHILE strengthening everyday relationships.

Make every interaction count!

| 2-6 players | 3 mins to learn | from 5 mins to endless conversations |

For Ages 5 & Up: tweens, teens, and especially, adults!

Comes with directions on relationships types: 

  • “Personal Relationships” (child-parent, parent-parent, friend-friend)

  • “Professional Relationships” (student-teacher/counselor, peer-peer, mentor-mentee)

  • Conflict resolution for “Relationships in Conflict”

Settings: homes, classrooms, after-school, community organizations, workplace

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Every interaction counts. We would not be where we are today without the support of parents, teachers, mentors, or friends. And if we're lucky, a combination of all of the above. 

In an ideal world, the solid connections that we develop help us discover who we are, guide us toward our aspirations, hook us up with opportunities, and give us the right nudge at the right time to try harder.

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Relationships are messy! The ways we communicate are often tripped up by disconnects, mistrust, second-guessing, bad timing, and misunderstandings.

  • Disconnects: how do I hear and be heard?

  • Mistrust: where are we going with this?

  • Second-guessing: when and how do I ask for help?

  • Bad timing: how do I get my point across?

  • Misunderstandings: what can I say to resolve conflicts?

How can we replace stress with enjoyment, and fully maximize our relationships?

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