Jenny is a very credible and engaging panel speaker. She embodies her own phrase: ‘Stay aware and stay humble’ as she provides her unique perspective at the same time connecting it with the perspective of ther fellow panelists. Clearly knowledgeable about her subject matter, she is poised, thoughtful, and articulate – a powerful combination that creates a sense of openness and dialogue among panel members and the audience.
— Karen M.
Jenny identified critical themes in the assessment data she gathered for her clients, articulated those themes in ways that would be best digested by those clients, and facilitated strong feedback sessions to enable meaningful development. Her clients complimented her for the insight she generated and in many cases, asked her for additional consultation and support.
— Kristie W. (hired Jenny as a coach for her organization)
Jenny is a dynamic speaker that was able to speak to a large group of parents and students on the importance of social emotional learning. Presentation was informative, fun and interactive for our families, most importantly they engaged in important conversation. Looking forward to future collaborations and projects!
— Chris Sandoval M.Ed., South Pointe Middle School
I heard Jenny speak about 52 Essential Conversations and 52 Essential Relationships at UC Irvine in 2019. As a middle-school teacher and mom of an almost-two-year-old, I was excited to learn about these resources that will be invaluable across multiple age groups and settings. Jenny is a very relatable and knowledgeable speaker who draws upon her personal and professional experience in parenting, business, school administration, and educational research to underscore the importance of social emotional learning (SEL).
— Beth Sharkey, Middle School teacher and parent


For Schools

  • "light lift and high impact" tool that flexibly adapts to your standards and lesson plans

  • Integrate the latest research and best practices in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience

  • Increasing family engagement

We support a variety of in-class learning lessons and parallel resources and workshops for parent education. 

Sample Topics (see flyers of past workshops below):

  • Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Development at Home and School

  • How to Create a Supportive Parent Community

  • Helicopter, Lawnmower, and Snow Plower: Debunking Parenting Myths

  • Modeling Growth Mindset and Mastery


For Parent Organizations

  • Raising money for your school or your local parent chapter

  • Build better relationships with parent community to create a safe space for everyone’s children

  • Providing ongoing easy and meaningful parent resources on how to nurture respectful and inspired children at home

Are you interested in bringing the 52 Essential movement to your parent community?

Are you interested in bringing in an energetic and relatable speaker (and parent) for your Parent Speaker Series?

We partner with PTO/PTA and parent chapters in producing highly successful fundraising programs. We supply as many 52 Essential game kits as you need, along with tailored workshops, online webinars, resources and templates to support you in not only reaching your fundraising goal, but also building a positive parent community that collaboratively prepares all children for life.


Workplace Usage copy_sm.png

For Employers

  • Increase employee morale and engagement

  • Retain and engage Millennials

  • Support diversity, equity & inclusion

Employee engagement and retention are at risk when parent employees are preoccupied with issues at home. Invest in your working parents to increase morale and engagement. Subsidize parenting support as a part of your Health & Wellness package or Diversity & Inclusion initiative.

Our corporate programs have built-in surveys and metrics to help you evaluate impact on your investment.

Sample Formats/Topics:

  • Parent Enrichment "Lunch & Learn" on workshop topics such as "How People Learn"

  • Webinars for Employees and Their Partners

  • Implicit Bias and Conflict Resolution

  • Cross-team Communications

Guest speaker for teacher candidates in master of arts in teaching program.

Guest speaker for teacher candidates in master of arts in teaching program.

Talk on social entrepreneurship at innovation lab

Talk on social entrepreneurship at innovation lab

talk at Carnegie Mellon university

talk at Carnegie Mellon university

middle school Family workshop on social emotional learning

middle school Family workshop on social emotional learning



For Nonprofit Organizations & Title I Schools

We care a lot about leveling the playing field for ALL and are committed to give back at least 10% of our time every month in pro bono work. If your organization supports families at risk, then please contact us with your needs. We work collaboratively to tailor parenting support to the needs of your community.

Jenny was extremely professional and helpful through the entire process; she was thorough and timely, and the follow-up was impeccable. She our most organized vendor by far...
— Angela D. (Director of Public Relations & Fundraising at Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland)
TEDx style talk at university of california-Berkeley conference

TEDx style talk at university of california-Berkeley conference

Jenny is an insightful and effective coach. Her approach is both intuitive and practical. Our work together produced both subtle changes and tangible results in my work experience and beyond. Her work history, education and passion combine to make her an exceptional coach.
— Jennifer F. (HR Director at Clif Bar)

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