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Parenting is messy. It's a never-ending novel that runs the gamut of genres: drama, comedy, horror, suspense, tragedy, romance...did I mention DRAMA? It's an unpredictable sport where you are never 100% certain who is REALLY on your team.

But how much of that mess is self-induced?

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As a mom of three (a singleton and twins), a Harvard educator, a corporate executive coach, and a fitness trainer, I work with researchers and educators who are parents themselves to created this programs to help you parent smart and know what it means to provide the best opportunities for you and your children to succeed in life.

Step 1: UNTANGLE your web of parenting anxieties, insecurities, frustrations, and guilt through science.

“Am I a good parent?”
“Am I doing the right things?”
“Am I scarring my child?”

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Step 2: DEMYTHIFY your parenting misconceptions and expectations.

“Listening to classical music increases cognitive ability.” (MYTH)
“Children learn best when information is presented in their preferred learning style.” (MYTH)
“I book up my child’s free time because I want him to get a leg up.” (WRONG)

Are you wasting your time, money and energy on toys and parenting strategies that are not backed by science?

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Step 3: ACCELERATE your ability to give your child the best opportunities to succeed.

“What school is right for my child?”
“How do I get my child passionate about something?”
“How do I make the most out of my time with my child?”

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Mission: To empower parents with the skills and confidence to raise inspired and compassionate children.

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