Untangling the messiness of parenting through science.

Parenting is really, really hard. We are here to help redirect the messy ball of negative emotions into productive evidence-based actions.

Step 1: UNTANGLE your web of parenting anxieties, insecurities, frustrations, and guilt.

“Am I a good parent?”
“Am I doing the right things?”
“Am I scarring my child?”

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We care about:

  • Parent Role Modeling of Resilience and Growth Mindset. Research shows that good parenting matters more than the quality of school when it comes to academic performance. On top, social learning scientists have shown that much of earning that happens during a child's development is acquired through observation and imitation. There are no shortage of negative influences for children in today's society. We aim to help parents navigate the power dynamics to help their children through transitions in life.
  • Advocating for parents. Parents are often underestimated by educators, and left out of the equation. Time after time, we witness school decisions and policies being made for children without consulting with their parents. Majority of the school systems are teaching to the "average" and students who perform below/above are being left behind. We want to equip parents with the knowledge and savviness to have a voice in the system to successfully advocate for their children.
  • Accessibility of information. We are here to level the playing field. It takes on average 17 years to translate research findings to practice. Knowledge is power, and the latest research and insights should not be locked away in the ivory tower.
  • Interdependencies of emotional, mental, and physical well-being between parents and children. The well-being of parents and children are highly interdependent, and therefore should be equally prioritized. Self-care and caring for others are equally important. Happy mom/dad, happy family.
  • Transferability and adaptability. We don't prescribe. We equip parents with the most important mindset, skills, and strategies to "fish for life."
  • Power of Relationships. Social media exerts overwhelming pressure and expectations in how we parent. The shaming culture is toxic and the proverbial "village" is nowhere to be found. We believe that human relationships is at core of living a successful and fulfilling life. High achievement pressures and dependence on technology have also undermined social emotional skills that are critical for children to lead in the 21st century.

We am committed to:

  • Being open-minded and non-judgmental.
  • Subtraction over Addition: save time and lower stress instead of adding things to do.
  • Starting from where you are. 
  • Keepin' it real. As parents ourselves, we understand the unpredictability nature of daily struggles.
  • Providing evidence-based coaching backed by research and practice.
  • Equipping you with actionable steps that you can implement NOW.